How to make the most out of Locker

Locker isn’t just the place where you can enter login details and get them later when needed. It also changes the way you interact with your accounts for the better. Follow these tips to take full advantage of Locker and every feature it gives you.

Create Strong Credentials With The Password Generator

There is no need to come up with your own passwords with Locker. Its built-in password generator can take care of this task for you.

In fact, it can do a better job than you. The password generator can produce random character combinations in an instance, no matter how long they are. The results are always unique and pretty much impossible to crack in normal use.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Hackers have found ways around traditional credentials like passwords. But they face a much bigger challenge when you enable other authentication factors for your accounts.

Locker supports one-time passwords, a standard compatible with many popular websites and services. The app itself also employs biometrics like face and fingerprint recognition to protect your password vault.

Add Other Sensitive Data

A women making a payment on a phone with a credit card
Use your credit cards safer with Locker.

In addition to login details, Locker can act as secure storage for other information. From some secret notes to your credit cards, there is a wide range of items you can put into your Locker vault.

Your sensitive information will enjoy the same level of security as your passwords. It is still available at your fingertips but less likely to fall into the wrong hands.

Organize Your Items With Folders

You can put items into different folders and add extra details to make them more manageable. With Locker, you can separate your personal and work life, starting right in your password manager.

There is no reason to get vague and create a mess out of your important data. You will see the value of this effort when you need to pick up a single item out of dozens in a hurry.

Share Password Securely

Locker users can safely share login details with each other. Of course you can send your Netflix password in an email or message to your friends or household members. But imagine what would happen when someone else manages to look at it in plain text without your knowledge.

You may want to share passwords from time to time, and Locker will always be the more secure channel to do so.

Fill Out Forms Automatically

Save the hassle and give your fingers a rest with Locker. It can detect online forms it can complete from the items in your vault. With your permission, everything is done in a blink of an eye.

You may have seen this autofill feature on browsers like Chrome. But they may store your passwords in unsecure formats. And since they aren’t full-fledged password managers, there are plenty of limitations to how you can manage your accounts.

A person typing in a login form
Type less and enjoy the web more with Locker

Set Up Emergency Access

Accidents happen, and there is certain information you want to transfer to your loved ones when you aren’t around. You can plan for those days right now with Locker. Your trusted contacts can access your vault on your behalf when some conditions are met.

Do Regular Security Checkups

Locker can do quick tests on your items and verify the strength of all passwords. It will also monitor the internet and give somebody a warning when your accounts turn up in some data breaches. You will have the clearest clues about which accounts you need to strengthen.

Install Locker On All Your Devices

Locker can provide the same experience for different platforms. Available as browser extensions, web vault, and mobile apps, it should work anywhere you want to access your accounts.

Make your passwords accessible on all your devices by installing the right versions for them. Everything will be kept in sync perfectly. You won’t need to pull out a device to view your passwords and log in on another one.

Multiple devices running the password manager Locker
Locker is compatible with all major platforms.

Upgrade To Paid Plans

Locker has a simple and affordable pricing scheme. Whether you want to get it for yourself or the whole family, it is hard to find a better deal elsewhere.

Paying customers access to a whole host of extra features from Locker. For starters, you can save as many items in your vault as you want.

Advanced security tools like sharing and emergency access are also only available on non-free versions. They are well worth the cost and will maximize the protection your accounts deserve.

Final Words

Locker is a comprehensive security tool for your online accounts. Replacing your notepads or spreadsheets is just a small purpose of this password manager. Give the features above a go to make secure your important data and simplify your daily routine.