Autofill with Locker: Key To A Seamless Internet Experience

Many of us have to fill out login forms, documents, and shopping orders all the time. Typing out those tedious details is never fun, and doing so with tired hands is only asking for trouble.

If you are in the same boat, check out the autofill solution in Locker and how you can benefit from it.

How Autofill Removes Friction

When you have to sign in to different accounts on a regular basis, the task can become tedious. It is an issue even when you have no trouble recalling your usernames and passwords. And we haven’t mentioned errors in typing or copying your credentials into fields.

Autofill is a magical feature that can come to the rescue. Applications with this function should fill out account details on your behalf during logins.

A person is entering login details on a laptop.
Typing your passwords isn’t a pleasant task

They retrieve the correct information and inject it into other apps, such as your web browser. You don’t need to leave the current app to find your registered usernames and passwords. Everything should be literally available at your fingertips.

Additionally, autofill reduces typing to the minimum. Typing – especially on mobile with a small virtual keyboard – is always prone to typos. Now you can just select the identity you want to use and let the autofill do the rest of the work.

While originally designed to remove hassles for users, this feature can also protect you from phishing attacks. Many applications with autofill only suggest this feature on authentic websites and apps.

They can link the original URLs or app IDs to the saved accounts. The autofill information is ready only when you open those specific websites and apps. Even if you don’t recognize a fraudulent site, the autofill feature will refuse to work, and you should know something is up.

Autofilling With Locker

Locker can’t just keep your sensitive information safe but also help you put it into use when needed. Autofill is available for every plan and is one of the core features that make Locker stand out.

Work Everywhere

There is no need to worry if your workflow demands the use of multiple devices at once. Locker’s autofill feature works on all popular platforms with a similar experience.

With deep integration into each operating system, you can have easy access to your passwords everywhere. Regardless of the app and browser, Locker will always notify you when login fields are ready to be populated.

More Than Just Passwords

The scope of Locker goes beyond just logins. Its features, including autofill, can also deal with your credit cards, addresses, and more.

A form for online orders
Speed up your shopping with Locker

The autofill feature gets the information from items you have put in the vault. It can speed up and simplify your online shopping experience, whether it is account creation or shipping details.

Don’t miss out on a deal just because you can’t fill out the order fast enough. Let Locker help you with the form and complete your purchases within seconds.

Secure And Private

While autofill is a popular feature with proven usefulness, not every developer gets it right. Many implementations are vulnerable to attacks, especially credential theft. They could be tricked into giving your details by autofilling with your knowledge.

This shouldn’t happen with Locker. The application utilizes industry-standard methods to prevent authorized access to your information.

The authenticity of the login fields is checked to see whether you are on the right site or app. Unlike many competitors, the credentials won’t be filled without your permission – a common attack many security experts have warned about.

An application displays a saved account that can be used to log in.
Locker makes sure you fill in the right fields

Locker implements the feature by using the official autofill framework provided by each platform. This ensures the highest degree of compatibility and security and keeps users up-to-date with the latest versions.


Locker allows you to turn autofill into good use for your digital life. You can have the most convenient form-filling with passwords while keeping them safe and secure. This feature is another reason password managers like Locker can bring peace of mind and make your online experience more pleasant.