Enjoy A Secure and Seamless Internet Experience

Store your passwords, manage sensitive data, fill in forms and log you into your favorite sites with just one click. Locker is here to help.

Logins Made Simple

Logins have never been so simple with Locker. Sign in to your favorite website in just a few clicks or via FaceID and TouchID.

Browse and Shop In Minutes

Locker automatically fills in your login details and credit card information for a smooth checkout process. Shopping takes time, but not paying.

Save Time and Efforts

Save your valuable time and efforts for other activities other than filling passwords and personal details. Trust those tedious tasks to Locker.

Secure Password Sharing

Share passwords and sensitive data with your teams quickly and securely. Encrypt your information and manage your shared files with Locker.

Committed to providing a safer and better Internet experience for everyone.

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Available on all platforms

Locker works on every device, operating system, and browser you are using.

Why Locker over browser-based password managers?


Browsers store your passwords on servers, which can be hacked and exploited by hackers.

Locker uses end-to-end encryption and zero knowledge to protect your data. Bad actors cannot decrypt your passwords without the master password.

Browsers are not designed to store your passwords by folders.

Locker allows users to manage passwords in different files and folders for easy access.

Browser-based password managers come with no additional feature.

Locker offers tons of intuitive features such as secure sharing, password health checking, and more.
Cross-platform support

Browser-based password manager is only available on that specific browser.

Locker works across all popular browsers, operating systems, and devices.
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Have a More Secure and Convenient Internet Experience With Locker Password Manager

Free for everyone

Free for everyone

Lifetime free plan. Store passwords, credit card information, and personal notes in one place. Work on all devices.