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Locker Password Manager

Manage all your passwords and other confidential data in one platform, be more synchronized and secured.

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Locker Secrets Manager

Ensure ultimate security for your secrets with the power of End-To-End Encryption and Zero-knowledge Encryption.

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Why Locker?

Secure Technology

Leveraging strong encryption technologies, Locker makes sure your data is well protected and owned ONLY by you.

User-friendly features

Locker focuses on bringing about simple-to-use but effective products that boost the digital experience of our users.

Cross-platform availability

Our user can access, save, sync, and log in automatically anywhere, anytime.

Flexible choices for all users

Locker is the ultimate data safeguarding solution, catering to both individuals and businesses and ensuring data security in the digital world.

Open source transparency

We welcome any feedback, bug-reporting, and source-code-auditing by users as the commitment to building reliable and long-term solutions.

Responsive support

Locker has a 24/7 available support team to monitor and respond timely to all issues.

Security and transparency is our identity

Advanced encryption

Locker employs robust end-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption to guarantee exclusive access to your vault. Your data is encrypted and decrypted on the fly on your device, ensuring that neither Locker nor anyone else can access your information.

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Open source

Going open-source is our way of proving our commitment to delivering a transparent and reliable product. By publishing our source code, we ensure anyone can view, report bugs, and contribute changes to make Locker even better.

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Independent audit

Locker undergoes regular independent audits conducted by the WhiteHub bug bounty platform and security experts from CyStack, enabling us to detect and address potential vulnerabilities while enhancing our security protocols and procedures.

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Can Locker access and read your data?

Absolutely NOT!

Through our advanced technology, featuring End-to-End Encryption and Zero-Knowledge Encryption, we've made it technically impossible for anyone, including the Locker team, to access or read your confidential data. The key is keeping your Master Password safe; never share it with others.

Read more at: /blog/can-locker-access-and-read-your-data

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