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Locker: The next-generation secrets management solution

Locker Secrets Manager streamlines the storage, management and collaboration of SSH keys, API tokens, database credentials, or other infrastructure secrets throughout the software development lifecycle with the power of end-to-end, zero-knowledge encryption & zero-trust model. It is delivered as a command line tool and programming SDKs integrated into developer source code.

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Our features

Encrypted secrets storage

Store your secrets within one encrypted vault to protect them from internal and external data risks.

Developer tools for seamless integration

Boost the software development process, and enhance your CI/CD workflow with Locker CLI and SDKs. Locker SM supports all popular programming languages: Python, .Net, NodeJS, GoLang,…

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Automatic secrets rotation

Automate the rotation of secrets regularly and schedule the secret expiration to ensure continued security.

Locker use cases

See more use cases at our use case page on GitHub.

Security and transparency is our identity

Advanced encryption

Locker employs robust end-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption to guarantee exclusive access to your vault. Your data is encrypted and decrypted on the fly on your device, ensuring that neither Locker nor anyone else can access your information.

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Open source

Going open-source is our way of proving our commitment to delivering a transparent and reliable product. By publishing our source code, we ensure anyone can view, report bugs, and contribute changes to make Locker even better.

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Independent audit

Locker undergoes regular independent audits conducted by the WhiteHub bug bounty platform and security experts from CyStack, enabling us to detect and address potential vulnerabilities while enhancing our security protocols and procedures.

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How Locker Secrets Manager works


Create an account

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Start storing secrets

Create a project, then add your secrets to the project.


Integrate with applications or workflows

Install Locker CLI and SDKs, create an access key to retrieve and use your secrets.

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Find the best choice for you and your team

Cloud-based Locker Secrets Manager

  • Your secrets are secured on the reliable, cost-effective Locker's cloud server. No need to be concerned about infrastructure maintenance and updates; it's on us!
  • Perfect for students, independent developers, small teams and businesses.

Self-hosted Locker Secrets Manager

  • Your secrets are managed on-premise or in private cloud infrastructure by your organization, giving you more control and flexibility over management.
  • Tailored for medium-sized, and large teams and businesses.

Flexible and adaptive by supporting popular programming languages


Stop hard-coding, or storing secrets in plain texts

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