In this digital age, any data can be compromised without proper care and protection. And no, those breaches don’t just happen to big organizations. They can start with the notes on your phone too. All it needs is an unlocked phone that you leave lying around on a desk.

You don’t need to be a business executive to need a more secure solution either. It is a well-known fact that scammers can apply for loans on your behalf using your ID documents.

Keep reading to learn how to use secure notes to keep your critical information organized and safe.

Why You Should Use Secure Notes

It is a common habit to rely on a traditional note-taking program to jot down something in your mind.

In fact, most people just use the default app on their phones. There is no doubt this choice is super convenient. Everything is just a touch away, and you don’t need to install a new app.

However, your personal information deserves a better place. It is one thing to save your shopping list in Apple Notes or Google Keep, and it is another thing to put your passport or social security numbers there.

A hacker posing as someone else to trick another person
Hackers can impersonate you with your stolen documents.

Regular note-taking apps are designed for easy access and quick lookup. They can’t act like a bunker for your critical information. For something safer, you need dedicated secure note features.

In general, they add another layer of authentication to your high-value notes. You will need to enter a password or scan your fingerprint to open them.

This might sound cumbersome at first. But just like how we put our paper passports in a safe, these secure notes are harder to break into.

They can keep your sensitive data from everything, from some prying eyes to hackers that manage to unlock your phone. Identity theft is rampant, most of which happens when malicious actors can use identifying information to commit fraud and other crimes.

Another advantage of secure notes is that they are often grouped together. In an emergency, you don’t need to rummage through your library of notes to find what you want.

A passport sticking out of baggage that is pulled by a person
Keep your passport safe by using a secure note as a digital copy.

There are several ways in which you can make use of this feature to protect your information:

  • Personal documents: your ID, driver’s license, passports, social security, birth certificate, and everything that can be used to verify you.
  • Financial data: it is crucial to keep your bank account, credit card numbers, and tax returns private all the time.
  • Medical information: from vaccination cards to your health records and insurance details, you should take privacy seriously and not store these notes in a random place.
  • Software codes: you may get your keys or redeem codes via email. It is a good idea to put everything in one place instead.
  • Business notes: organizations have some credential projects in the work that need more secrecy than usual. A secret vault for them is the safest option when you have some ideas or thoughts no one else should know.

How To Use Secure Notes With Locker

On Locker, Notes have a section of their own. There are two ways you can add a new note to this vault:

  • Choose Add new on the home screen, and select Note.
  • Go to the Notes section, and select Add new.

Then enter the content and title of your secret note before saving it.

Like every item on your Locker account, these notes benefit from the zero-knowledge security model. Protected by your master password, they are encrypted on every device, including Locker’s servers. Only you can access and read those notes, period.

The secure notes feature of the password manager app Locker
Store your personal information with Locker.

You can keep your secure notes with you all the time, thanks to Locker’s cross-platform sync. They are readily accessible from any device with an internet connection.

If you need to share some information with your family or friends, Locker can take care of that too. There is no need to send them through non-secure channels like chats or emails. This way, it is much easier to manage and revoke access when it is no longer necessary.

Download Locker now to securely keep all your sensitive information in one place.