Keep your family safe online with Locker Family & Friends

From social media to banking sites, passwords rule our online life. Reusing them is asking for trouble – everybody knows that. But without a systemic way to create and save passwords, we don’t have other options. Your spouse and kids are no exception.

Introducing them to a password manager like Locker is the least you can do for your loved ones. Wonder why? This article will show you all the reasons you should invest in this tool for your family.

What Is A Password Manager For Family?

The concept of password managers may sound a bit strange if you have always memorized your passwords. But that also makes you truly the customer base that this kind of application wants to target.

In short, password managers can save the login credentials of all your online accounts. They usually offer other features, but this is their core function. You, and only you, can view these credentials by providing a master password to open your secret vault.

A pen, pair of glasses, a laptop, and a notepad with some passwords on a table
Say goodbye to passwords on a notepad.

Full-featured products like Locker come with a whole host of other security tools as well. And with the family plan, members of your household can enjoy all of its benefits without spending big bucks.

You might have already been familiar with this model with services like Netflix. Multiple individual subscriptions could add up quickly, no matter how awesome the product is.

Talk to any personal finance consultant and they will tell you to take advantage of a family or group plan if possible. Splitting the bill can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Password managers like Locker are priced with this perspective in mind.

They understand that every member of our family should be able to access a tool like that to safeguard their digital life. And after dividing the cost, it isn’t that expensive at all.

Why Does Your Family Need A Password Manager Like Locker?

Password managers are a much more secure alternative to your memory or notepads. They can prevent popular risks people have to take when having to deal with logins in a traditional manner.

For starters, Locker can save you the hassle of creating strong credentials. The app can make sure each of your accounts has its own unique and complex password. This is your first line of defense against common threats like brute force attacks.

A person is holding a phone, trying  to log in to a website.
Locker makes login both safer and more convenient.

Thanks to the autofill feature, a successful login is just a touch away. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about keyloggers – the malware that can steal your data when you enter it.

Even if that isn’t enough, multi-factor authentication is available out of the box too. Hackers wouldn’t be able to take over your accounts even when they have obtained your passwords. They would need a second proof, which only you could get from Locker.

For sensitive data that you need to share with your friends or family members, Locker is an ideal solution too. It allows for direct sharing between users. There is no need to send a password over unsecure channels like messages or email anymore.

You can save notes and other items into your Locker vaults, not just login details. Think about your medical record or your family’s shared Facebook account. Everything can be stored and shared securely with Locker.

In an emergency, approved members can make a special request to access your vault. There is a wide range of use for this, from aging parents to serious accidents. This contingency plan makes sure your emergency contacts can retrieve necessary data from your vault in those cases.

About Locker’s Family Plan

The password manager Locker running on a phone, a tablet, and a laptop
Locker works everywhere, regardless of your device type.

Locker is already an affordable solution. But you can even save more money by opting for the Family & Friends plan. When billed annually, it only costs $5.99 /month.

You and up to other 5 members can save as many items as you want. This premium plan unlocks several advanced features like the data breach scanner, password sharing, health checker, and emergency access.

Apply for this plan to keep the online life of the whole family safe with Locker.