How Locker saves your time in 5 different ways

Managing passwords can take up a lot of time and effort. Password fatigue is real, and it occurs when you deal with too many credentials at the same time. Check out how to take back your precious time with Locker, a modern password manager for everyone.

Password Fatigue In The Digital Era

If you often find yourself clicking the “Forget password?” link or asking for help with a locked account from your company’s IT department, you are certainly not alone. According to a survey from the Gartner Group, password resets make up from 20% to 50% of helpdesk calls.

You may already feel this effect with your personal accounts. An employee may spend 11 hours on average for this. For organizations, it isn’t just time that gets wasted. The lost productivity because of this problem can cost a typical organization of 15,000 employees as much as $5.2 million a year.

Passwords can hinder your work

How Locker Saves Your Time

One of the most popular suggestions for dealing with password fatigue problems is password managers like Locker. A modern product designed for the modern digital life, it provides an alternative to remembering passwords yourself.

Security improvements even for ordinary users are the original reason Locker comes into life. But you can enjoy a boost in productivity and convenience with this app too.

Locker Can Create New Passwords Instantly

We all know the golden rules: using long and complex combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters. It is easier said than done though. And we haven’t even mentioned that every one of them needs to be unique.

The built-in password generator of Locker can come in handy here. There is no need to come up with your own password when you can just click or touch a button to create it in a flash. It even allows you to change the number of characters in the combination and which kinds of characters it should include.

You can play with the generator and new passwords will appear in a fraction of a second. Its outputs will always meet the security requirements of your services.

Locker’s Autofill Is Much Faster Than Entering Passwords

The workflow of Locker doesn’t even require you to know what your passwords look like, let alone remember them. All you need to do is to tell it which app or website with which it should associate your password.

With Autofill enabled, Locker will suggest the correct credentials for that login form. Just accept the prompt, and this password manager will fill them in for you.

A person trying to log in to a website on a tablet
Locker can make this form more bearable

Typing these two lines might not sound like a lot of effort. Now, imagine when you have a new phone or browser, and every account has to be logged in all at once. Or when you are in an emergency and have something more important in your mind than recalling your login details. In those cases, every second matters.

Also, think about checkout pages when shopping online. You know what? Locker can store and autofill other items like your addresses and credit card numbers too. Locker places a myriad of personal information at your fingertips and puts those common hassles to a minimum.

Locker Can Eliminate The Need For Password Resets

Locker guarantees a 100% successful rate at retrieving passwords. Unlike humans, it doesn’t “forget” them. Every item is encrypted and securely saved with periodic backups.

No more wrong passwords mean no more annoying recovery processes, which may take several minutes out of your day. It is fairly safe to say that you can say goodbye to those interruptions with Locker.

Locker Can Sync Your Passwords To Wherever You Need Them

Many of us use more than one device. You may have a phone, a personal laptop, and another computer at work.

Using the same accounts in all of them requires a lot of work. Without a management tool, you will need to complete login forms after login forms.

A person is scanning their fingerprint on a phone
Locker makes your passwords available on all your devices

Some web browsers can help you to a certain extent by syncing your credentials, but you will be tied up to a browser. This isn’t ideal when you have to use Safari on a Mac computer, Chrome on Windows, and log into apps on your iPhone.

Locker can take care of this. It works on all major platforms and browsers. All your items should get synced automatically whenever you add an account or make a change. Open your vault, and you can access your login details at any time from any device.

Locker Can Alert You About Security Issues

Using password managers like Locker is an effective way to protect you against data breaches and scams.

Its autofill feature only recognizes authentic websites. Follow this trick, and you should never give away your passwords through a fake address someone has sent to you. Otherwise, you will need a trained eye and more time to check every link on your inbox.

An online credit card information form in Locker
Online purchases should be easier with Locker

The premium plan of Locker also features a data breach scanner. It monitors the internet for known stolen databases, which can be overwhelming to keep watch on yourself.

When any account in your vault happens to be at risk, the scanner will notify you right away. You will have more time to take action and secure it. This way, you won’t have to spend days dealing with the aftermath of a stolen account.

Feel convinced enough about Locker as a time-saving solution for your passwords? Download it and choose a plan for yourself right now.