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Wrap-Up 2023: Locker In Review

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2023 was such a productive year for Locker! We’ve been hustling to bring in cool new features, teaming up with awesome partners, welcoming fresh faces to our crew, and stepping into the world of password-free living. Oh, did I mention we are only 1.5 years old? But hey, that’s just a taste of all the […]

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2023 was such a productive year for Locker! We’ve been hustling to bring in cool new features, teaming up with awesome partners, welcoming fresh faces to our crew, and stepping into the world of password-free living. Oh, did I mention we are only 1.5 years old? But hey, that’s just a taste of all the awesome stuff we’ve been up to in 2023!

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locker wrap up 2023

Wrap-Up 2023: Locker In Review

As we approach the end of 2023, we are excited to unveil our significant accomplishments.

First of all, let’s take a look at these amazing numbers!

locker achievement 2023

We reached it just in 2023! Can you believe it?

But that’s not all. We made some big improvements all year long. Let’s dive into the details!

Successfully researched and implemented Passkeys to Locker

In 2023, Locker Password Manager underwent a significant enhancement by integrating the Passkeys into our application.

A Passkey is a private-public key pair stored on one’s devices, unlocked with biometrics or a device PIN. Users now benefit from an additional layer of protection, contributing to the safeguarding of their sensitive information. This improvement aligns with Locker’s commitment to staying at the forefront of security measures, ensuring that users have a seamless and secure password management experience with the latest advancements in password security.

locker passkey 2023

>> Read more: https://support.locker.io/en/locker-general/login-unlock/log-in-to-a-cloud-account/log-in-to-your-account/what-are-passkeys-how-to-create-passkeys-with-locker

Released Firefox extension

The recent release of the Firefox extension marks a significant milestone for Locker Password Manager, which previously supported only Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This update is a testament to Locker’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and streamlined user experience across various browsers.

With the addition of the Firefox extension, users now have the flexibility to enjoy Locker’s secure password management features seamlessly within their preferred browser. This expansion enhances user comfort and accessibility, ensuring that Locker remains a versatile and user-friendly solution for individuals seeking robust password security across different platforms.

>> Read more: https://locker.io/blog/introducing-a-new-locker-password-manager-for-firefox

Migrated from Manifest V2 to Manifest V3 for Chrome extension

Since Google has announced it will shut down Manifest V2 in June 2024 and move on to Manifest V3, we released Locker’s MV3 Extension on the Chrome Web Store.

This transition involves updating and adapting our extension code to align with the newest version of the Chrome Extensions platform. Migrating to Manifest V3 allows us to take advantage of enhanced features, improved security measures, and better performance optimizations offered by the latest platform version. By making this migration, we aim to provide our users with a more seamless and robust experience while ensuring compatibility with the evolving Chrome ecosystem.

>> Read more: https://locker.io/blog/what-to-expect-in-lockers-mv3-web-extension-upgrade

Launched Locker Quick Share for non-Locker users

We introduced a new feature, Locker Quick Share, extending its convenience beyond Locker users. This feature allows users to securely share passwords with non-Locker users, enhancing collaboration and facilitating secure information sharing across various individuals and teams.

locker quick share 2023

>> Read more: https://support.locker.io/en/locker-password-manager/general-features/built-in-add-on-features/locker-quick-shares

Went open source

Locker made a groundbreaking move in 2023 by transitioning to an open source platform.

This decision not only aligns with the ethos of open development but also empowers the broader community to contribute to and enhance the Locker experience. The open source approach fosters innovation, security, and inclusivity, enabling a diverse range of contributors to participate in shaping the future of Locker Password Manager.

This monumental shift reflects Locker’s commitment to improving transparency and building trust in the realm of password management.

locker open source 2023

>> Learn more: https://locker.io/blog/locker-goes-open-source

Being part of the FIDO2 ecosystem

In a momentous achievement, Locker Password Manager marked a significant milestone by joining the FIDO2 ecosystem in 2023 by collaborating with our biggest partner. This strategic move reinforces Locker’s commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions, aligning with the global industry standards for passwordless authentication.

locker fido2 2023

>> Read more: https://cystack.net/blog/cystack-at-fido-apac-summit-2023-innovative-strategy-and-vision-for-a-promising-digital-future

Locker’s dedicated customer service

At Locker, we’re not just about passwords; we’re about people! Our awesome customer service team is here to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Achieved 4.5/5 average score on all platforms

Locker has garnered an impressive average score of 4.5/5 across various platforms, reflecting the widespread acclaim from users on Google Play, AppStore, G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, and other markets—StackSocial, SaaS Mantra, DealFuel. This remarkable rating underscores the positive reception of Locker among diverse audiences, highlighting its reliability, user-friendliness, and overall effectiveness.

locker review 2023

Supported around 1500 tickets in response time

The partnership with this major enterprise reflects our commitment to delivering password management solutions that instill confidence and security at an enterprise level.

Buzzworthy releases in 2024

We owe you a huge thank you for hanging in there and patiently waiting for the exciting features we’ve been cooking up for 2024. We’re pumped to finally share these awesome upgrades with you below!

We discover a method to replace Master Passwords with Passkeys

In a groundbreaking development, we’ve unearthed a game-changing method to replace Master Passwords with Passkeys, revolutionizing the way you access Locker. This innovation extends support to Android phones equipped with QR scanning, Chrome versions 116 and above, Security Key, and Windows 11 version 22H2, currently undergoing internal beta testing. Stay tuned for a seamless and secure experience like never before!

Safari extension, Multi-language support, and Auto-alert for Data breach accounts

We are gearing up to introduce a Safari extension, enhancing accessibility and convenience for our macOS users.

Additionally, get ready for an enhanced user experience with multi-language support, making Locker even more accessible globally.

To bolster your security, we’re rolling out an auto-alert feature for data breach accounts, ensuring you stay informed and in control of your online safety.

The upcoming year promises to bring these remarkable features, further elevating Locker’s capabilities and your overall password management experience.

locker release 2024

Revamp user interface and user experience

In the upcoming year, we’re set to revamp our user interface and experience, presenting users with a fresh and modern appearance. Our goal is to make your interaction with Locker even more intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

Collaborate with SMEs and large enterprises

As we enter the next stage of growth, Locker is primed to expand our collaboration prospects with small & medium enterprises as well as large corporations. Our goal is to empower professionals everywhere by providing actionable intelligence and guidance around data security and password best practices.

By cultivating alliances across organizations of all scales, we strive to meaningfully raise data privacy understanding and strengthen defenses across the professional landscape.

Meet our Team

Locker wouldn’t have achieved such success without the amazing team at the back. Let’s meet these passionate and responsible people!

locker team

Closing thoughts

As we embark on a new chapter in 2024, we reflect on the strides Locker has made in 2023. Overcoming challenges and implementing meaningful enhancements, we’ve been driven forward by the uplifting feedback from our incredible users and partners. Your support fuels our commitment to delivering a better experience in the year ahead. We deeply appreciate each one of you for being a part of our journey.

Here’s to the continued success and growth of Locker!

locker thank you

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