Password manager Dashlane pros and cons explained

Password manager Dashlane is an effective solution to manage your logins with a stylish interface and a built-in VPN. However, it comes at a premium.

So is it worth the money?

Let’s take a look at a large set of features in this review. You’ll find all the details you need to determine whether or not the password manager is perfect for you.

Password manager Dashlane has many security features.

About Password Manager Dashlane

Dashlane password manager was first released about a decade ago, in 2012. After nearly a decade, it has become one of the best tools to manage logins at the moment, with over 14 million users.

The software has a well-designed interface with a lot of features. It allows you to store all of your own logins, usernames, credit card information, and private notes in one convenient location.

With a built-in VPN, strong password generator, and health checker, it’s also a useful tool for enhancing your online security.

However, its free trial is a little limited, especially for enterprises. You have to pay a significant amount for the Premium plan.



Dashlane includes a built-in VPN that establishes a secure connection to both you and the Internet. Of course, it cannot compare to commercial VPNs, but it works fairly well as a free add-on. 

This app is one of a few software that offers an in-app VPN for users.

Dark Web Mode

When you enable this feature, Dashlane will automatically scan the dark web and send you alerts when your information is found there.

It is advisable to change your credentials as soon as your credentials are leaked to avoid compromise and fraud attacks.

Capturing Logins

Like other password safes, you can add and save logins of multiple websites in Dashlane. Previous users of different software are able to import data directly to the vault to save some hassles.

Vault Categories

The app automatically organizes your passwords and properly puts them in a system. So you can filter your passwords by name, name reversed, category, category reversed, first used, and most used.

Automatic Password Changer

Dashlane offers a built-in tool hat helps to change all credentials in a single tap and remembers them all. However, for less popular sites, you may need to change them manually.


Limited Storage

You can try all the basic features of Dashlane with the free subscription, but the storage is limited to only 50 passwords.

In addition, the free plan only allows you to sync to one device and does not allow you to sync to mobile devices or other PCs. It’s okay if you only work with one device.


This app may have higher pricing plans than some of its competitors. With the business plan, you need to pay for each user, which will cost a fortune if you run a big business.

Dashlane vs Locker

Locker Password Manager official release

Paid users of Dashlane can enjoy a top-notch premium password manager. It unlocks several security-focused features in addition to credentials management. You even get to use a VPN service built-in in the app – a rare addition in the business.

However, Dashlane demands a quite steep monthly cost. Maybe you can justify the hike in price if the VPN connection is a must for you.

But keep in mind that it doesn’t offer customization options and other features like regular standalone VPN services. When you don’t have much use for this built-in VPN, it is hard to see the value of Dashlane. Affordable options like Locker provide a similar offering without such a price tag.

Meanwhile, Dashlane’s free plan is terribly restrictive, even for casual use.

Not only can you only use it on just one device, but the number of logins you can save is also just 50. Compared to 3 devices and 100 passwords Locker gives you for free, it is a huge disappointment.

Overall, Dashlane is a great product for power users who can get the most out of it. But Locker can match its features and performance in most cases without a hefty subscription.

Parting Thoughts

To sum up, password manager Dashlane is an intuitive and secure tool for all users, even low-tech ones. It is definitely worth your money if you can afford a bit extra.

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