How Data Breach Scanner can protect your data

It is hard to protect your personal data when you have no clues about its safety.

When a website or service fails to safeguard your information, there is no guarantee they will let you know in time, if at all. That is why we have built the Data Breach Scanner for Locker users.

Keep reading to know why this is such a big deal and why you should take advantage of this feature.

What Is The Data Breach Scanner?

The Data Breach Scanner is one of the advanced features in Locker’s paid plans.

It can check your credentials against publicly available breaches. The scanner will inform you when it runs into one of your emails, passwords, or credit cards. You will know which account has been compromised. This also includes a brief description of the incident and which associated data is at risk.

Why You Need The Data Breach Scanner

A data center
Corporate networks are hacked quite often

Data breaches are on the rise. From local companies to Fortune 500 companies, hackers have successfully broken into the system of many organizations and taken away important data. You never know whether your accounts belong to massive leaks that involve millions of users.

It is one thing when your personal information is floating around on the internet. But hackers knowing your passwords is quite another. They can use them to get into your account, commit fraud or use it as the entry point to infiltrate further.

As soon as you are aware of such a compromise, take action to protect yourself. Change your password, enable MFA, or even disable the account for the time being. But this is only viable if you can keep track of such data breaches in the first place.

The Data Breach Scanner of Locker is a handy tool for this. It can go quickly through billions of stolen records to look for your login details. You will have a better chance to secure or quarantine your accounts before further damage occurs.

How To Use Data Breach Scanner In Locker

To use this feature, upgrade to the Premium or Family & Friends plans if you haven’t.

  • Open Locker’s web vault or mobile app, and select Tools > Data Breach Scanner.
  • Enter the username or email you want to check.

Locker will give you in detail information of every breach involving any of your accounts.

A brief on a data breach


You should take data leaks seriously. Download Locker and use its Data Breach Scanner to minimize the aftermath of any hack that involves your accounts.