Email remains as the top communication tool to date. It is cheap, fast, and widely accessible. However, spam is making email management more challenging than ever. According to Spamlaws, nearly 85% of all emails we receive are spam.

Spamming doesn’t seem to end any time soon. So is there an effective way to resolve this issue?

Introducing Locker Private Email

We are excited to announce Locker Private Email – a powerful tool built to protect the privacy of your email address. With Locker Private Email, you will never have to worry about spam or promotional emails flooding your inbox again.

Less clutter, more productivity

Communication is key in the workplace, and effective communication starts with an organized email inbox. With Locker Private Email, you have every tool to make that work.

  • Create email aliases: Create multiple email aliases to sign up for online services and promotions. Emails sent to an alias are forwarded into your inbox, and you can reply right from the alias. Your true email address stays hidden.
  • Turn off aliases: Remove the alias once you have no further use for it to avoid receiving more incoming emails.
  • Block spam: Keep spam out of your inbox.

A touch of personalization

Locker lets you take complete control over your email aliases. From usernames to domains, you can edit everything to get personalized and credible aliases for different purposes.

  • Edit address: Edit your alias to make it look more professional.
  • Set up a custom domain: Create your own domain and use it to create aliases quickly.

Get started with Locker Private Email

Integrating Locker Private Email into your work is simple. Just download Locker and start creating your aliases today.

  1. Download Locker for iOS or Android
  2. Open Tools > Private Email
  3. Create your email alias and use it everywhere.

You can also use the Locker web vault without downloading.

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Log in to your Locker account.
  3. On the left sidebar, click on Private Email.
  4. Click New alias to start creating your alias and use it everywhere.