The Locker team is pleased to announce new features updated in January 2023:

  • Updated Locker Authenticator for the Locker extension to make Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) more convenient;
  • Improved autofill function;
  • Optimized the Password Generator experience;
  • Updated to open the extension when clicking on the text field;
  • Updated extension and text field status icon.

Update Locker Authenticator on extension version 1.20

Update Locker Authenticator on extension. Accounts using 2FA can now get OTP codes from the extension. You can see how to link your account to Locker Authenticator here.

Benefits of this update?

Reduce steps when logging in to accounts with 2FA security. Users can get an OTP code from the extension without switching to another app or website.

Improved Autofill function

Locker automatically fills in your favorite or most frequently used account information.

You can choose your main accounts to always be auto-filled by Selecting Edit account and turning on Mark Favorites.

Benefits of this update?

Customers can log in immediately without going through the account selection step, making login faster.

Optimize the Password Generator tool

Optimizing flow and fixing bugs to make the Password Generator work better.

Benefits of this update

When creating new accounts, generating strong passwords are more convenient.

Open the extension when clicking on the text field

Previously, users have to open an extension and copy the account and password one by one to paste into the login form. Now you just need to click on the information field, and all account information will appear.

Benefits of this update?

Reducing the number of steps makes logging in faster and more convenient.

Update extension and text field icon status

When Locker is locked, there will be a lock icon in front of the Locker icon.

When Locker is unlocked, there will be a number representing the number of items that can be filled in on the current website.

Benefits of this update?

Instead of clicking on the Locker extension, now users can know whether the vault is open or locked, as well as the number of accounts that can be filled for the current website because this information is displayed right on the extension.

In addition, Locker has many other updates on the interface and user experiences. You can download and try Locker in Chrome Web Store here for free.