Only until 31/12/2023, grab our Lifetime package for Personal, Family, Friends & Team use at an exclusive price of just $69.99/user. You’ll enjoy the full spectrum of cutting-edge features, perpetual updates, and lightning-fast support. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – act now before it’s gone!
Locker Lifetime Premium

Locker Lifetime Premium

Lifetime Premium Package is our exclusive offer for the devoted Locker Password Manager users. At a tempting price, you’ll slash more than 82% off your password management costs, bid farewell to monthly subscriptions, and enjoy a lifetime of worry-free, super-secure password management.

🕒 Act fast, though – this offer is valid until December 31, 2023!

🌟 Price:

  • Personal (1 user): Only $69.99
  • Family, Friends & Team (6 users): Just $399

📣Applicable to everyone, no limits!

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  • You are only be billed once for this Lifetime Subscription.
  • Locker offers a 30-day money back guarantee for any dissatisfaction.


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How to buy Locker Lifetime Premium for only $69.99

To grab this deal and fully enjoy the most advanced features of Locker Lifetime Premium today, follow these steps:

Benefits of using Locker Premium

  1. With-a-click password saving: Locker saves your login credentials with one click when you first sign in to a website or application for later use.
  2. Auto-fill Login Credentials: Say goodbye to manual logins. Locker automates the process for a seamless and secure experience.
  3. Strong Password Generator: The built-in password generator helps create strong, unique passwords to safeguard your accounts against intruders with a click.
  4. Built-in Locker Authentication: Set up a TOTP in Locker for any app or website you want to serve as the second-factor authentication for your account.
  5. Unlimited Password Storage: Safeguard and store passwords, passkeys, cards, and more in a highly secure, encrypted vault with limitless capacity. Never afraid of using up space.
  6. Secure Password Sharing: Collaborate securely by sharing passwords with your team without compromising security.
  7. Password Vulnerability Alerts: Get 24/7 notifications about weak or compromised passwords for swift action.
  8. Multi-Device Access: Unlock your passwords on any device, anytime, anywhere. With cross-device data synchronization, you can access your passwords and data in Locker from anywhere at any time.
  9. Privacy-First Email Alias: Use an alias to protect your original email address online.
  10. Emergency Access: Add your trusted contacts so they can help access your data in any emergency cases.
  11. Crypto Asset Protection: Locker gives prominence to crypto wallets, with the custom form to make it easier to store every aspect of a wallet, which Locker encrypts along with the rest of your vault.
  12. Military-Grade Security: Locker offers robust protection with AES-256 encryption, PBKDF2, and RSA, ensuring your data remains confidential even from our team.
  13. FIDO2-Compliant Login: Simplify logins across websites and apps with passwordless authentication.
  14. Auto-Change Weak Passwords (Coming Soon): Enhance security with automatic password strengthening.
  15. Secure File Attachments (Coming Soon): Safely store sensitive documents alongside your passwords.


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