Hi everyone, we are excited to announce that Locker Beta Release is officially live! Join us in Beta Testing to try out all the Premium features and get 50% off for one year plan.

Locker is a password manager designed with privacy and security in mind, aiming to take the hassles out of password management for everyone.

Key Features

This Beta Release includes core features:

  • Securely store you passwords, fill them to websites and applications

Locker users can store passwords, notes, cards, and identities in a secure vault. Once auto-fill is enabled, Locker will automatically fill out matching credentials in websites and applications as you browse.

  • Share passwords with your family members, friends, and colleagues

Sharing unencrypted data over a network is not secure at all, and that’s where Locker jumps right in. Users can share passwords and notes safely via Locker as we encrypt the data with our strongest encryption before sending.

  • Import passwords from Google Chrome and other Password Manager

Switching from a different password manager to Locker is more than easier with a simple data import feature. Works on web and mobile.

  • Unlimited data sync

Currently, Locker Beta is available on iOS, Android, web app, and Chrome browser extensions. And data syncing is unlimited. Which means you’re always up to date with your password management, on all devices.

Why choose Locker?

Your passwords and data stored in Locker are safe!

We utilize AES-256 and end-to-end encryption to secure users’ passwords stored in Locker. Although Locker is cloud-based, which means your data is synchronized between devices via the Internet. However, all data is encrypted before transferring to the cloud server.

You are the ONLY one who has access to your Locker’s data.

Thanks to Zero-knowledge architecture and End-to-end encryption, even Locker’s developers CAN’T see your Master Password.

More security commitments are on the way!

Locker is a product of CyStack, one of the top security firms in Vietnam. We are committed to the security and privacy of our users. Locker is going to be open-source and audited by a third party security vendor. Stay tuned for the updates!

Join us to test out the Beta and receive 50% off for yearly plan!

Beta is a work-in-progress version that allows us to learn from your feedback and improve before we release a complete version to the public. We are on a mission to make Locker an all-round password manager, and we warmly welcome passionate people to join our journey.

To Participate In The Beta

We are kicking off the beta release of Locker this week on Chrome Browser and Android OS (iOS will be released soon). If you want to be a part of our big idea, join and give us your honest feedback.

Start date: Apr 15th, 2022

End date: May 31st, 2022

Note: After May 31st, 2022, all Premium users will be moved to a Free plan. If you wish to keep using our premium features, you can subscribe to Locker Premium.

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