Get started with Locker Private Email premium

Since its launch, Locker Private Email has received many positive feedback from users for its functionality and convenience. To enhance the user experience, Locker will introduce all-new features in Locker Private Email Premium.

Enjoy unlimited use of email aliases

While the Free version only allows each user to keep 5 active aliases at a time, with the Premium version, now you are able to simultaneously use as many aliases as you need.

Use email aliases as a professional communication tool

Aliases are no longer just for forwarding emails to your true address. With the Premium version, the aliases become a dedicated tool for effective communication, which allows you to:

  • Reply forwarded emails from the anonymous email address itself.
  • Get a personal email domain
  • Block any spam and promotional emails to keep your inbox organized.

Manage email aliases at ease

The Premium version helps you manage all aliases  easily from a personal dashboard. Track the number of aliases, email replies and blocked spam right from the dashboard to work more efficiently.

In addition, Locker Private Email Premium also offers API access for users to customize the interface and features to best suit their needs.

Get Started With Locker Private Email Premium

Let’s try the new Private Email Premium and share your feedback to help us deliver more great features in the future!

  1. Download Locker for iOS or Android.
  2. Upgrade to a Premium plan.
  3. Open Tools > Private Email. Start enjoying Premium features in Private Email.

You can also use the Locker web vault without downloading Locker for mobile.

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Log in to your Locker account.
  3. Upgrade to Premium.
  4. On the left sidebar, click on Private Email. Start enjoying Premium features in Private Email.