Locker is the first commercial password manager to support FIDO-2-compliant hardware security keys. Developed by CyStack, a leading cybersecurity company in Vietnam, Locker Password Manager integrates FIDO-2 compliant passwordless authentication technologies developed by VinCSS.

VinCSS FIDO-2 technologies simplify the multi-factor authentication process for users by eliminating the need for a code from another device. Instead, the users can quickly access their credentials in Locker by using a hardware security key developed by VinCSS along with a PIN code or their fingerprints.

About Locker

CyStack is an innovative startup paving the way for community-based cybersecurity technology and vulnerability management in Vietnam. CyStack’s services and research projects have achieved international recognition and accolades at major global cybersecurity conferences.

Its application Locker Password Manager is a solution to store and manage passwords and other sensitive information in a secure and encrypted vault. The app can also automatically fill in the information, offering seamless and convenient Internet usage for users. Using zero-knowledge security and end-to-end encryption, Locker ensures that nobody – not even the app’s developers – can view or access users’ credentials.

Vietnamese collaboration, global revolution

In a quest to go above and beyond, CyStack has signed a collaborative agreement with VinCSS, a subsidiary of Vietnam conglomerate Vingroup JSC. and member of the reputable FIDO alliance, to offer users passwordless authentication using biometric fingerprints along with hardware security keys.

Being the first commercial Password Manager to offer hardware security keys as an authentication option, Locker shows its commitment to creating a seamless and secure passwordless experience for customers. This removes the users’ dependence on a single master password, thus limiting cybersecurity risks.

“In collaboration with another leading Vietnamese technology company to envision a passwordless future, Locker is proud to be the first password manager solution to allow users to use a physical security key to get access and manage their credentials with maximum security and minimum effort”, said Trung Nguyen, Founder and CEO of CyStack – “this is a positive step towards the industry’s ultimate goal of widespread adoption of passwordless technology.”

Trac Do, CEO of VinCSS shared “VinCSS applauds CyStack for its efforts in realizing passwordless authentication and cybersecurity protection in Vietnam. Through this collaboration, the two companies hope to provide more comprehensive protection for the Vietnamese nationals in cyberspace, as well as improve their Internet experience.”.

What is a hardware security key?

A hardware security key is a form of multi-factor authentication (MFA). When you log in using your credentials – a master password, a PIN code, or your fingerprint – you may be asked to go through another layer of authentication.

You may have encountered other MFA options, such as a one-time password (OTP) sent via email, SMS, or to an authenticator app on another device. Hardware security keys are considered to be one of the most secure methods of MFA, as they prove you have the physical form of authentication. They can also be the most convenient form of authentication.

The collaboration enables Locker users to use the hardware security key that VinCSS developed – VinCSS FIDO-2 Authenticator – along with a PIN code or a fingerprint for the multi-factor authentication process. This is more convenient compared to traditional multi-factor authentication, in which users need to enter a code or accept the log-in from another device.

The physical key is connected to the device via USB, Bluetooth, or NFC communication. Using the key only requires a tap or a plug into the device, then the fill-in of a code or a fingerprint.

Benefits of authentication via hardware security keys

Dependence on a password, regardless of its strengths, poses cybersecurity risks for individuals or businesses. Being a leader in cybersecurity in Vietnam, CyStack’s Locker Password Manager aims toward removing this dependence, thus improving not only user experience but also protection against cybersecurity threats. The hardware security key feature offers other benefits including:

  • Fill gaps in the market: only a few commercial password managers enable users to authenticate via hardware security keys. Recognizing that some businesses and individuals prefer a physical key to protect their data, Locker offers users the choice of passwordless authentication via a FIDO-2 compliant key.
  • Stronger protection against threats: as you don’t need to use master passwords as frequently, they can set up stronger ones, reducing the threats of bad actors to accounts. Moreover, protection from a security key can be safer for some businesses and individuals.
  • Streamlined workload: when passwords are no longer necessary, users save time from setting and retrieving passwords, and IT teams are relieved of mundane tasks regarding lost passwords.
  • Seamless and convenient use: users can access their data with just a tap or plug-in of the physical key, removing the step of inputting passwords.
  • More adoption of password manager solution: offering more choices for authentication and a better user experience, Locker will attract more users, thus improving cybersecurity and password hygiene for the community.

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