All-in-one password manager,
Meet Locker Password Manager

Locker is a password manager that goes beyond the mere concept of password management. Whatever your previous password manager provided, we offer even more.

Benefits of Locker Password Manager

Secure & Unlimited Storage

Store passwords, passkeys and personal data in one encrypted vault. Manage effectively with categories and folders.

Access your data conveniently

  • Autofill on the go

Save your passwords with a click, login and checkout made effortlessly with auto-saving and auto-fill features from passwords, payment details to two-factor authentication passcodes.

  • Cross-platform availability

Locker password manager is available anytime on any platform and device, whether it is a web browser, extensions, mobile apps or desktop apps.

Easy and safe sharing

Share passwords and sensitive data with your friends and colleagues quickly and securely. Or share items with anyone, even if they don't use Locker.

More tailor-made features to levitate your digital life

  • Crypto wallet customized storage

  • Private email service

  • FIDO2-compliant login

  • Built-in two-factor authenticator

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Locker Password Manager for Personal

Keep you and your family protected on all your devices.

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Locker Password Manager for Business

Ensure the safety of your business by safeguarding your most valuable asset - your people.

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Locker Password Manager for Developer

Utilize the Locker source code and customize it to meet your specific needs.

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