Your passwords are always at your fingertips
Access your passwords at any time, anywhere, on any device.
Sync your passwords across devices
Sync, short for synchronize, means to exchange information between multiple devices and make sure all devices have identical data. With Locker cloud sync, your logins will be automatically updated once you make a change. Therefore, you can access your data from anywhere, on any device.

For example, you register a new account and save these credentials to Locker vault using its extension on Google Chrome. If you are connected to the internet, the logins will be automatically updated and Locker can autofill that username and password on mobile devices and other platforms.
Why syncing is important
Syncing helps keep all the data saved in the vault updated in the most convenient way for you. No matter which device or platform you are using, Locker ensures your data is always readily accessible.

In addition, cloud syncing means your data is safe even if your devices fail. You can always log in to the web vault and access your logins and files there.
Access your data in offline mode
Sync does not work in offline mode, but it is possible to access your previously stored logins without the internet. You can view and edit your information in the vault.

When you go online again, Locker will automatically sync the updated data across all devices and platforms.
Save Your Passwords. Save Your Time
Keep your passwords secure and organized with Locker