Quick access to your data with biometric authentication
Logins have never been faster and easier.
About biometric authentication
Using biometrics is one of the most secure and convenient ways to store your logins. You don’t have to remember your passwords and hackers can hardly hack your accounts.
Log in with biometrics in Locker
To enable biometric logins for Locker, just go to your phone’s settings and allow Locker to scan your fingerprint or your face.

To enable Unlock with Biometrics for Locker in your mobile devices:

  • Open the Settings tab in the Menu.
  • Scroll down to the Security section and turn on Unlock with Face ID/ Touch ID (iOS).

Then, you will be able to unlock Locker using the biometric method that your device supports.
Where can I use this feature?
Biometric authentication in Locker is available on most mobile platforms that support biometric logins (Android, iOS, and Windows).
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