Keep all your passwords strong
Check if your passwords are weak or reused
Why you need strong passwords
According to Verizon, over 80% of data breach stems from a weak or leaked password. Therefore, creating a strong password is a first step in protecting your personal information and assets.
What is a password health checker?
A password health checker is a tool that checks the strength of your passwords and calculates how long it takes for hackers to crack your passwords.

Our in-app password health checker can do more than that. It scans your vault to detect not only weak, but also reused and old passwords. Then, you can use the in-built password generator to create strong credentials to better safeguard your accounts.
Make use of our password health checker
You can try the online version of our data breach scanner or use the in-app tool. (Only available on Locker Premium).
Security starts with strong passwords
Keep your passwords secure and organized with Locker