Easy Import, Quick Migration
Import your existing passwords to Locker easily and safely.
Import data from other password managers
Locker allows users to import saved credentials from other password management solutions to its vault. Therefore, you can switch to Locker without hassles.
How can I use this feature?
Simply export your saved passwords to a CSV/JSON file and import it to Locker.

Data can be imported to Locker from the web vault or mobile devices. To import your data on the web vault:

  • Open Locker on your browser;
  • Select Settings > Options;
  • Scroll down to the Import section;
  • Select the format of the import file from the drop-down menu;
  • Click Choose File and upload the import file on your device, or paste the import file contents in the underneath blank section;
  • Click Import.

To import your data on mobile devices:

  • Open Locker app;
  • Tap Menu > Settings > Import Data;
  • Tap Format to select the right format of your import file;
  • Tap Select File to upload the import file to the system;
  • Tap Import Data.

After successfully transferring data to Locker, the logins will appear in the vault and you can enjoy all features of Locker, including autofill and cross-device sync.
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