Locker Password Manager is officially launched!

Locker Password Manager is officially released.

Locker is a more capable alternative to traditional password managers. It is designed to enhance security for your personal information and assets on the internet. 

Passwords play a critical role in protecting your personal information and assets on the internet. However, these days, it becomes increasingly challenging to protect login credentials from bad actors due to the overwhelming number of online accounts we have.

Traditional methods of password management, including writing down passwords on posts-its, using note-taking apps on mobiles, or trusting browser-based/device-based password managers, pose several problems that may put your accounts at risk. They are often rudimentary without encryption and cross-platform syncing. For example, what you save in Google Chrome is not available in Apple Safari.

In an effort to address these concerns, CyStack Vietnam is excited to announce the launch of Locker Password Manager. Locker is an all-in-one solution to store and manage all login credentials in a single private and secure vault.

Joining Locker means you will have a virtual private vault to store your logins, payment card information (VISA, Mastercard, ATM, etc.), confidential notes, crypto wallets, and more. Locker vault is encrypted with military-grade AES-256 and end-to-end encryption to ensure you are the only one to get access to the stored data. No one, even Locker developers, can view what users save in their vaults. (Learn more about our security technologies here)

Locker is available on all major platforms, including: Google Chrome, Edge, Brave, on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS tablets and mobile devices.

In addition to secure password storage, Locker also offers several useful features to enhance your internet experience:

  • Auto-fill service: Autofill login credentials on mobile applications and websites
  • Password generator: Generate strong passwords to prevent brute-force attacks
  • Password health checker: Check the strength of all your passwords and send personalized alerts to enhance security for your accounts
  • Secure password sharing: Implement advanced encryption to ensure secure data sharing among existing users
  • Built-in two-factor authenticator: Generate TOTPs (Time-based One Time Passwords) on iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Offline mode: Allow access even without internet connection; and many more intuitive features.

Watch our introductory video to better get a hint of how Locker can enhance your digital life:

Heads up for the best part: Locker is free to use.

Locker offers a Free plan with all essential features you need to enjoy a secure and seamless internet experience. For those who desire extra security, there is also a Premium plan offering Premium features such as password sharing, data breach scanner, and lots more.

To celebrate our official launch, Locker would like to offer all users a 30% discount on Premium plan until June, 31st, 2022. Just $0.9/month for absolute password security!

Install Locker, enjoy its intuitive features, and join our launch celebration here: